Routledge Disease and Medicine in World History

Disease and Medicine in World History is a concise introduction to diverse ideas about diseases their treatment throughout world. Drawing on case studies from ancient Egypt to present day America, Asia Europe, this survey disc


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University of Chicago Press Between History and Myth

All groups tell stories about their beginnings. Such tales are oft repeated, finely wrought, and usually much beloved. Among those institutions most in need of an impressive creation account is state: it's one of primary ways states attemp


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Palgrave Macmillan Southern Anthropology a History of Fison and Howitt's

Southern Anthropology, history of Fison and Howitt's Kamilaroi Kurnai is biography of (1880) written from both a historical anthropological perspective. investigates authors' work on A


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Emerald Group Publishing Limited Reconstructing Social Theory, History

With regard to developments in social theory, past 30 years can be characterized as an Age of Deconstruction. Inspired by post structuralism, postmodernism, critical and science studies, as well as combinations of related approaches, t


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University Press of Colorado Religion, History, and Place in the Origin

This volume explores the role of religion and ritual in origin of settled life in Middle East, focusing on repetitive construction of houses or cult buildings in same place. Prominent archaeologists, anthropologists, scholars o


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SAGE Publications Ltd Introducing Survival and Event History Analysis

[![A companion website is available for this text][]][A is 1]Introducing Survival Analysis and Event History is an accessible, practical comprehensive guide researchers student


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Routledge Cognition, Literature, and History

Cognition, Literature, and History models the ways in which cognitive literary studies may collaborate thereby mutually advance. It shows understanding of underlying structures of mind can productively inform analysis


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Springer Computational History and Data Driven Humanities

This book constitutes the refereed post proceedings of Second IFIP WG 12.7 International Workshop on Computational History and Data Driven Humanities, held in Dublin, Ireland, in May 2016.The 7 full papers presented together with 2 inv


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Cambridge University Press Phylogenetic Inference, Selection Theory, and

A.W.F. Edwards is one of the most influential mathematical geneticists in history of discipline. One of last students of R.A. Fisher, pioneered statistical analysis of phylogeny in collaboration with L.L. Cavalli Sforza


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Palgrave Macmillan History and Language in the Andes

The modern world began with the clash of civilisations between Spaniards and native Americans. Their interplay struggles ever since are mirrored in fates of very languages they spoke. conquistadors wrought theirs into a new 'world


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